Dr. Murat Bengisu

PhD in Materials Engineering. Head of Design Studies Master’s and PhD programs at Izmir University of Economics (IUE). Instructor at the Industrial Design Department at IUE. His research interest includes materials for design, smart materials, borate glasses, engineering ceramics, biomaterials, biomimetics, linguistics of design, technological forecasting, disability and work, design history, and text mining.

After receiving his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in the field of Materials Engineering at New Mexico Tech, USA, he worked in the automotive industry in engineering, R&D, and quality departments in Turkey and Italy (FIAT, Turin). Dr. Bengisu started his academic career at Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus, in 1999. For one year, he conducted research and taught as Visiting Professor at the University of Missouri-Rolla at the Materials Research Center. Dr. Bengisu completed various self-initiated multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with partners from different fields. He is the author of four books and he contributed to 31 articles in refereed journals.

He joined the Industrial Design Department at Izmir University of Economics in March 2008. He was promoted to full professorship in February 2010. Currently, he is teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at the Industrial Design Department and Design Studies graduate programs.

Selected Publications:


  • Bengisu, M. Ferrara, Materials that Change Shape, Springer, to be published in 2018
  • Ferrara, M. Bengisu, Materials that Change Color, Springer, Heidelberg (2014)
  • Bengisu, Engineering Ceramics, Springer, Heidelberg (2001)



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