Dr. Anna Cecilia Russo

PhD and Researcher in Design Aesthetics and Communications, mainly focusing on Full Body Thinking and Body/Mind Comfort theories in relation to emerging technologies and smart materials. She holds a Ph.D in Communications Studies [Science de l’Information et de la Communication – with a Thesis in Design Aesthetics] from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 and she is a member of APPLA Research Center in Paris (Centre d’Approches Pragmatiques en Philosophie du Langage et de la Communication, directed by Dr. Prof. Marie-Dominique Popelard).

She previously accomplished an MA Master of Arts in Communications at IMI Brussels and she majored in Art History, at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. Since 1999 she has been involved internationally in several editorial and curatorial projects, based on design and art intersections, site specific installations, unconventional materials and interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary art and experimental design: from one-off wearable/jewelry to furniture . She has a strong background in Media and News Editing, as former Design Editor and Scout at CondéNast Italy (2005-2014), where she covered design news, outlining trends, and launching new talents, as well as interviewing renowned professionals. She also freelanced for other publishers, and her full list of lifestyle publications ranks hundreds of voices, including articles reedited for twin magazines in Spain and Asia/Pacific formats. While accomplishing her Doctorate, she embarked on a new parallel career path in Education, starting teaching and collaborating with course planning activities at the Master Degree Program of École Boulle in Paris, at the Design School of Politecnico di Milano, and at IES Abroad, US University in Milan. She is currently one of the official speakers/tutors (English and French) at Design for Enterprises, a free range of courses provided by EU Commission throughout the 29 Member States and associated countries. Since January 2017 she has been part of the Editorial Board of peer reviewed Journal PAD – Pages on Art and Design. Besides long study and research residencies in France, in 2014 she was Research Fellow at Vilém Flusser Archiv – Universität der Kunste – in Berlin. Though currently based in Milan, she also lived 4 years in Brussels, Belgium, and one year between California (San Diego) and NYC.

Selected Publications:

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Le corps et la chaise, une relation de complicité et de complémentarité – Proceedings of the International Conference « Poétiques et Politiques du corps dans la contemporanéité », sponsored by Centro de Estudos Galegos de Paris in partnership with Université Sprbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3 (on going)

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Editorial coordination of “Mauro Staccioli 1972-2006” curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, published by Silvana Editoriale, Milano, 2006.